Memories Created

Here is a selection of treasured memories we have made happen

Lennon’s Wish

Lennon, 17, has a hypoplastic left heart – he has one pump and uses up more energy doing things, meaning he tires easily. He originally

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Logan’s Wish

Logan, 17, was living with a terminal brain tumour and had a final wish to visit the London Aquarium with his family. Merlin’s Magic Wand

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Oakley’s Wish

Oakley wish was to have his very own sensory area to enjoy at home. 9-month-old Oakley has two conditions which both affected his development in

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Ethan’s Wish

Ethan’s wish was simple. He wanted a family trip to Legoland with an overnight stay, so he could enjoy every second of his time in

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Ruby’s Wish

Ruby’s biggest wish was to go away on a holiday with her family. Ruby is fourteen, but has a rare condition called WAGR which means

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Here are some of the other wishes we have made come true…

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