Oakley’s Wish


To have his own sensory play area


December 2023




Oakley wish was to have his very own sensory area to enjoy at home. 9-month-old Oakley has two conditions which both affected his development in the womb. He has currently stopped developing, is tube fed and also struggles with epilepsy, which he receives medication for. Because Oakley is unable to grasp items or sit up, he requires lots of attention. Previously he couldn’t play on his own, but his new sensory play area helps him to play unaided, which stimulates him and encourages development. A huge thank you to Apollo Creative and Hope Education for working with us to make Oakley’s wish come true! Oakley’s family said; “Thank you so much for organising the lights for Oakley, he absolutely adores them. We have found lots of creative ways to integrate them with his toys and therapy. His finger movement has come on so much recently and he is now able to grab the lights. He is always putting his fingers around them and when we put him on his wedge he loves to look at them – we dangle them from his toy bar, so they hang above him. We use them every day.”

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