Henna Hands Artwork


For A Personalised 18th Birthday Present


October 2022




To celebrate a milestone 18th Birthday, we were asked to help create a special piece of artwork to showcase the beautiful and intricate designs of henna art that the girl has had painted over the years. Because the birthday girl regularly gets her hands painted, and gets so much joy from seeing the designs, her family wanted her to be able to come back to that feeling all the time. Thanks go to local artist Christian Webb, who was able to produce the final piece. Christian said; “Being approached by Pritti at Creating Memories was an such an exciting challenge. I’ve never made a photographic design using another person’s photos before and it was extremely satisfying to figure out a solution to make the lovely images work together. I found it truly uplifting to work on a piece that is so personal and full of love. The choice of dress and the different hand positions when grouped together made a peaceful yet vibrant piece. Knowing that I helped create such a beautiful image that will hang in the family home has brought me much happiness.” Because we are unable to show any images from the final work, the image above shows our own special Creating Memories henna design instead!

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