To Learn More About The Night Sky


To learn more about the night sky and the stars.


February 2019




A little boy and his family were visited by Phil and Geoff from the Luton Astronomical Society, who came complete with telescopes, binoculars and an abundance of knowledge to pass on, as the little boy was passionate about space, planets and constellations! The boy’s natural curiosity was apparent throughout, as he asked so many questions! Thank you to Strawberry Star Group, who later donated a telescope to the boy after hearing his story (Pictured above Vinod Tailor from Strawberry Star Group), and to Harrison and Simmonds, who engraved the telescope. Thank you to the following local businesses who kindly donated their products, time and services to help make this wish come true, including the Luton Astronomical Society, Strawberry Star Group and Harrison and Simmonds.

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